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We believe in living courageously.

Because in a world as rough as ours, some people could use a hand. It’s so easy to say no to helping others because of the fact that it drains our own resources. But we believe that is exactly where courage comes in. We know the costs or fears that would prevent us from stepping up. Even with that knowledge, we decide to step forward BOLDLY and COURAGEOUSLY.

Represent What You Believe In

SoHeart Clothing is for the person who understands the importance of supporting Addiction Recovery. They know that one conversation about staying sober can make all the difference to those struggling. 

More than just clothing

We're fighting to save 12 MILLION lives

Drug use is directly and indirectly responsible for 11.8 million deaths each year. SoHeart is a company created to save those lives. Join the movement. Let's do this together.

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